Tourism Park (LRGP)

The Concept

Developments of tourism infrastructure projects require very large investment that may not be possible out of the budgetary resources of the Government of India alone. In order to remove these shortcomings and to bring in private sector, corporate and institutional resources as well as techno-managerial efficiencies, it is proposed to promote large revenue generating projects for development of tourism infrastructure.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has recently announced scheme for setting up of Tourism Parks.

The Scheme

Large revenue generating project, which can be admissible for assistance under this scheme, should be a project, which is also a tourist attraction, or used by tourists and generates revenue through a levy of fee or user charges on the visitors. Illustrative list of projects are given as follows:

Eligible Projects (Indicative list)

- Golf Courses
- Convention Centers
- Tourist Trains
- Cruise Vessels
- Cruise Terminals
- Health & Rejuvenation Facilities

Incentives and Government benefits

Assistance from Ministry will be Rs. 50.00 Cr, or 25.00 % of Total Project Cost or 50.00 % of Equity Contribution of Promoters whichever is lower.

Our Services

Creating linkages between the Ministry and entrepreneurs from the tourism industry.

Project conceptualization.

Technical & financial evaluation.

Assistance in requisite documentation to ensure release of Government of India grant.

Statutory & regulatory approvals.

Professional support during implementation.

Project marketing services.