Plastic Park

The Scenario

The world trade in plastics is likely to reach 140MMT by 2012. However, India, at present, has a very low share of 1.5 %. The Indian Plastics industry is large but highly fragmented with dominance of tiny, small and medium units and thus lacks the capacity to tap this opportunity. Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals has formulated this scheme with a view to synergies and consolidate the Capacities through cluster development.


Increase the competitiveness, polymer absorption capacity and value addition in the domestic downstream plastic processing industry through adoption of modern, research and development led measures.

Increase investments in the sector through additions in capacity and production, creating quality infrastructure and other facilitation to ensure value addition and increase in exports.

Achieve environmentally sustainable growth through innovative methods of waste management, recycling, etc.

Adopt a cluster development approach to achieve the above objectives owing to its benefits arising due to optimization of resources and economies of scale.

The Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Government of India has recently announced scheme for setting up Plastic Park which supports setting up of a need based “Plastic Parks’ with requisite state of the art infrastructure and enabling common facilities to assist the sector move up the value chain and contribute to the economy more effectively.

Scheme Highlights

The Plastic Park should be most modern industrial infrastructure & dedicated to Plastic Industry. It will be set up as per the guidelines of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Government of India. It will have best possible common facilities and amenities to attract the entrepreneurs. The Plastic Park will have plots for medium and large scale industries and built-up sheds for small and micro Plastic Industries. The sheds and plots will be available on long term lease basis and a few sheds for the small scale industry will be available on short term lease. The following facilities can be planned at Plastic Park.

- Common Infrastructure like Internal Roads, Water & Electricity Supply, etc.
- Buildings for support services like administrative buildings, crèche for women’s, canteen, recreation facilities for workers, marketing support system, etc.
- Buildings and equipment or machinery for common facilities for characterization, prototyping & virtualization, non-destructive material testing, incubation, training, warehousing, plastic recycling, tooling, designing, Research & Development, etc.
- Common Amenities like Guest houses, Restaurants, Shopping Center etc.

Incentives and Government benefits

Grant Assistance for creation of common infrastructure facilities: Basic, core processing and non-core infrastructure.

Assistance from Ministry of 50% of the eligible project cost maximum limit up to Rs. 40 Cr.

Eligibility Criteria

1. A minimum 40-50 acres of land in the name of promoters, SPV.
2. Combined net worth of the shareholders of the proposed SPV should not be less than Rs.50 Cr.
3. Food processors with a minimum net worth of Rs 10 Cr should have at least 26% stake in proposed SPV.

Our Services

Preparation of feasibility study and Submission of Expression of Interest.

Compliances for queries and follow up.

we can work as Project Management Consultants. (after successful bidding).

Who can Join

An existing Plastic Industry willing for the expansion its current operations, or Plans to setup new project.

Entrepreneur & Industrialists who wants to enter in Plastic Industry.

Any Corporate Investor, Infrastructure company, Foreign Direct Investor as a SPV member.